Monday, November 11, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Kordell Stewart Is On the Phone!

Wendy dishes about her interview with Porsha Stewart and reveals what Kordell Stewart had to say when he called her after today's show. via

Porsha Stewart on Wendy Williams Show

Porsha Stewart talks about her divorce from Kordell Stewart, life after divorce, and the new season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." via

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Glam Squad Recap

Wendy's Glam Squad recaps her look from head-to-toe. Find out what lip color Wendy wore on today's show and what Antwon did to spice up the controversy wig. via

Wendy Williams Show Hot Topics: Julianne Hough's Blackface Halloween Costume, Jenner Sisters Drinking, Jay Z at Barney's Alleged Racism, and more!

Today on the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy discussed the latest Hot Topics including Julianne Hough wearing blackface to a Halloween party, Chris Brown being arrested over the weekend for felony assault in D.C., NeNe Leakes' wedding, Jenner sisters trying to drink underage at a hotel with Jaden Smith, and Jay Z's relationship with Barney's after their alleged racial profiling. via

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: YSL Sample Sale!

Wendy shows us all the new shoes her stylist got for her at the YSL sample sale! Then, find out why Memsor let Wendy dress herself today and why she rarely wears necklaces on the show. Plus, Wendy's wigologist, Antwon Jackson, reveals the trick for taking the shine out of a wig. via

Paulina Rubio on Wendy Williams Show

"X Factor's" newest judge Paulina Rubio is no stranger to the spotlight. She's an international superstar and grew up with a very famous mother! She talks about how her childhood prepared her for a career in the entertainment business. Then, Paulina reveals if there's any drama behind the scenes with the other judges and how Simon Cowell is preparing to become a dad! via

Meghan McCain on Wendy Williams Show

Meghan McCain tells Wendy about her new Pivot talk show, "Raising McCain" and reveals if she talks politics with her father, Sen. John McCain. Then, Meghan tells Wendy why she thinks Governor Christie's comments about her were sexist and if Hillary Clinton should drop Huma Abedin from her inner circle if she doesn't leave her husband, disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. via

Monday, October 14, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: The Morning After

It's the morning after Little Kev's birthday party and Wendy has a house full of guests. Then, Wendy tries on some new shoes and tells us why you don't need to spend a lot of money for a nice pair of shoes! via

Ja Rule on Wendy Williams Show

Rapper Ja Rule sits down for a daytime exclusive interview to talk about his time in prison and reports of infidelity. Ja Rule also talks about his new movie, "I'm in Love with a Church Girl." via

Wendy Williams Grades Real Housewives of New Jersey Cast

After a season of fighting, family drama and therapy, Wendy grades the cast of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" on their performances. via

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Sandwich Gate!

Wendy's still on the search for the perfect sandwich! Find out what she's eating for lunch and what dress she's wearing on the show tomorrow! Then, Wendy reveals why she can't wait for Little Kev's 13th birthday party. via

John Legend on Wendy Williams Show

Sexy musician John Legend is the only male friend in Wendy's head and made his debut on the Wendy show. John tells Wendy about his recent wedding, his friendship with Kanye West and talks about his new album, "Love in the Future." via

Robin Quivers on Wendy Williams Show

Howard Stern's sidekick, Robin Quivers, opens up about her cancer battle and tells Wendy how Howard helped her through one of the most difficult challenges of her life. Plus, did Robin and David Arquette really make out? Robin sets the record straight! via

Blair Underwood on Wendy Williams Show

Blair Underwood tells us about his new NBC show, "Ironside." Plus, Blair reveals the secret to his long lasting marriage and tells Wendy what he wants to do before turning 50! via

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Who Wore It Better?

Paris Hilton wore the same dress recently that Wendy wore on today's show. Who wore it better? Then, Wendy reveals why she always bickers with her stylist Memsor about her "Friday Show" look. Plus, find out what Wendy's doing over the weekend and why she won't be able to watch Miley Cyrus on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. via

Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga on Wendy Williams Show

Melissa Gorga opens up about the current state of her relationship with Teresa Giudice and reveals if she think she'll be called to testify in Teresa & Joe's trial for various fraud and tax crimes. Then, Joe Gorga joins his wife and reveals the secret to their happy marriage and sets the record straight about his controversial comments when it comes to having sex. via

Nick Carter on Wendy Williams Show

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter opens up about his past drug addiction, his relationship with Paris Hilton and more. Then, Nick tells Wendy about the Backstreet Boys 20th Anniversary world tour and reveals if he's getting another reality show. via

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Big Sean on Wendy Williams Show

Hip Hop artist Big Sean talks about his new album and why he hopes it can inspire his home city of Detroit. Then, find out how Big Sean met his girlfriend, Glee star Naya Rivera. via

Big Sean performs his hit song, "Fire" off his new album, Hall of Fame, on The Wendy Williams Show. via

Andy Cohen on Wendy Williams Show

Bravo's Andy Cohen talks about his revealing interview with Teresa & Joe Giudice airing this weekend on "Watch What Happens Live." Plus, find out why Andy Cohen didn't attend NeNe Leakes' wedding. via

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Kitchen Table Talk with Mom and Dad!

Wendy and her parents have "kitchen table talk" about Jenny McCarthy joining "The View." Plus, find out where Wendy's taking her parents for lunch in the city!

Dr. Phil on Wendy Williams Show

Dr. Phil reveals what happened behind the scenes during the taping of his notorious interview with Dina Lohan and how he feels about the current season of the Dr. Phil Show. Dr. Phil also joins Wendy for a special edition of "Ask Wendy."

Jenny McCarthy on Wendy Williams Show

The View's Jenny McCarthy tells Wendy about her new co-hosting duties and how she met her new boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg. Jenny also sits in the Hot Seat and reveals if she ever took a job just for the money. Did she ever hook up with any of the contestants on the MTV game show, "Singled Out"?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wendy Williams Reality Show "How You Doin, Broadway?" Preview

The Wendy Williams Reality Show that follows her on her journey during her stint as Mama Morton on Broadway in "Chicago: The Musical" will be airing on October 2nd on the TV Guide Network. The network included the following description: "Wendy Williams: How You Doin', Broadway?! is a candid, up-close presentation of Wendy Williams that will give fans an inspiring look behind the curtain at her personal life during the most challenging period in her career. Viewers will follow Wendy as she embarked on her Broadway debut in the musical production of "Chicago" and prepared for her role as the prison matron Mama Morton. The cameras also capture Wendy at the taping of her daily talk show, "The Wendy Williams Show," which kicks off its fifth season on Monday, September, 16." via

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: There are No Little Roles, Only Little People

Wendy got a new shoe delivery and shows us the new Coach shoes that she can't wait to wear. Then, Wendy and Memsor talk about what she'll wear tomorrow on her birthday show! via

Mama June on Wendy Williams Show

Mama June tells Wendy Williams about the new season of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and teaches us how to make sketti and chunky pork and beans. Then, Mama June reveals her celebrity crush and tells Wendy how she lost over 100 pounds. via

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bethenny Frankel on Wendy Williams Show

Bethenny Frankel is getting her own talk show this September and tells Wendy who her dream guests are. Find out how Bethenny is doing in the face of her divorce and what advice Ellen DeGeneres gave her. via

Kevin Hart on Wendy Williams Show

The hilarious Kevin Hart tells us about his new movie, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain. Then, does Kevin want to get married again? Who is his favorite comedian and what celebrity snubbed him? Find out what Kevin reveals when Wendy puts him in the Hot Seat. via

Kathy Griffin on Wendy Williams Show

Funny lady Kathy Griffin can always make us laugh and now she holds a special honor as the comic with the most comedy specials....EVER! Then, Kathy dishes on her hot young boyfriend and the behind the scenes drama at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Plus, Kathy joins Wendy for a special edition of "Ask Wendy" and gives members of our studio audience some relationship advice. via

Whitney Cummings on Wendy Williams Show

The hilarious Whitney Cummings is only 30 years old, but she's conquered the world. Last year she had 3 television shows on the air at one time and tells Wendy how she handled the critics. Then, Whitney talks about her friendship with BFF Chelsea Handler and reveals why the she doesn't mind making fun of the men she's dating in her comedy act! via

Larry King on Wendy Williams Show

Larry King Now host Larry King addresses Paula Deen's racist remarks and reflects on his friendship with the late James Gandolfini. Plus, what is Larry's most annoying trait? What celebrity interview was he most surprised by? Find out what Larry reveals when Wendy puts him in the Hot Seat! via

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: A Blast from the Past!

There are just 8 more days until Wendy's Broadway debut in "Chicago." Find out what's on her rehearsal schedule this afternoon and why there are more cameras documenting her every move. Then, Wendy got a blast from the past today! Find out who she saw sitting in the studio audience. via

Sherri Shepherd on Wendy Williams Show

Sherri Shepherd tells us about her new comedy special, "Sherri Shepherd: It's My Time to Talk" and dishes on the shakeup at "The View." Who does Sherri think should replace Joy Behar and what guest made her the most nervous? Sherri also dishes on sex after marriage and reveals if she wants more children. via

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Mrs. Fix It!

Wendy was in her dressing room and tells us what she thought about LeAnn Rimes after meeting her for the first time on today's show. Then, Wendy is just 13 days away from her debut in "Chicago" on Broadway and has a lot to do around the house to get ready. via

LeAnn Rimes on Wendy Williams Show

Country singing music superstar, LeAnn Rimes, opens up about her affair with Eddie Cibrian and the status of her relationship with Eddie's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Do LeAnn and Eddie want children together? Would she ever do reality TV? LeAnn talks about her highly anticipated new album, "Spitfire" and addresses the criticism she's received from the country music community. via

Wendy Williams Show After Show: The Road to Broadway

Wendy rushed off stage and out the door to her "Chicago" rehearsal today and took us along for the ride. Then, find out why Wendy can't wait for LeAnn Rimes to come to the show and if the publicist put any restrictions on the interview. Plus, Wendy reveals why summer if her favorite season in NYC and how she can spot a tourist from a mile away! via

Star Jones on Wendy Williams Show

The "TODAY" show's Star Jones joined Wendy to breakdown the latest celebrity legal headlines. Find out what Star thinks about Chad Ochocinco slapping his lawyer on the behind in court, Ciara being served papers during a concert and the latest on Paris Jackson's guardianship after her reported suicide attempt. via

Sam Champion on Wendy Williams Show

Good Morning America's weather anchor, Sam Champion, has delivered the forecast for over 25 years and tells Wendy about his bromance with Josh Elliot. Then, Sam tells Wendy about his recent wedding and reveals if he and his husband want children. via

Garcelle Beauvais on Wendy Williams Show

Actress Garcelle Beauvais stars in the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, "White House Down" and dishes on the sexy Channing Tatum. Is he the perfect man? Then, Garcelle opens up about the public end of her marriage due to her husband's alleged infidelity. via

Alyssa Milano on Wendy Williams Show

Alyssa became a household name when she starred on "Who's the Boss?" and reveals why she thinks so many child stars like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes are spiraling out of control. Plus, was Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" based off of Alyssa? Watch and find out! via

Trisha Yearwood on Wendy Williams Show

Country singer Trisha Yearwood tells Wendy the secret to her recent weight loss! Then, is Trisha working on new music and does she plan on touring with her husband Garth Brooks? Find out what she only tells Wendy! via

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Going to Hollywood!

Wendy's leaving for L.A. after the show for an appearance on the "Ellen" show and "Ask Wendy" book signings. Find out what shoes she's packing! Plus, Wendy reveals why she's so thankful that her parents are in town and why she doesn't allow Little Kev to have friends over while she's out of town! via

Wendy Williams Show Hot Topics: January Jones, Holly Madison, and Cameron Diaz

"Mad Men" star January Jones is keeping the paternity of her son a secret, but there are a few potential fathers and Wendy examines the options. Then, Cameron Diaz is looking for love and turned to Jane Fonda for tips on finding a man and Janet Jackson is making new music! Plus, Holly Madison is supposed to take a walk down the aisle this summer, but her fiancé is due in court just two weeks before her nuptials. Find out why Wendy thinks Holly needs to call off the wedding! via

Wendy Williams Show After Show: "The Book of Mormon" Boys!

Some cast members from "The Book of Mormon" on Broadway were in the studio audience today and brought Wendy a special gift to welcome her to 49th street! Find out what tips the Broadway boys have for Wendy, who is appearing in "Chicago" starting June 25th! Then, Wendy tells us how her first vocal lesson went! via

Trace Adkins, Penn Jillette on Wendy Williams Show

"All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" winner, Trace Adkins and runner-up Penn Jillette dish on the season finale and what they're up to now that the show is over. via

Ray J on Wendy Williams Show

Ray J talks about his new single, "I Hit It First" and reveals if it's really about Kim Kardashian. Plus, find out what Ray J thinks about Kim and Kanye having a baby. Then, don't miss what happens when Wendy puts Ray J in the Hot Seat! Does he own a copy of his sex tape with Kim Kardashian? What's the most embarrassing song in his iPod? Who is his favorite R&B artist and what celebrity did he hit on, but got turned down? via

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Vocal Lessons!

Wendy has her first vocal lesson for "Chicago" and is running out the door after the show! Find out why Wendy loved giving away the Divalicious glasses on today's show and how she first discovered them! via

Maury on Wendy Williams Show

Talk show host Maury Povich has been revealing lie detector and DNA results for over 2500 episodes and tells Wendy who some of his most memorable guests are. Then, Wendy and Maury quiz the studio audience to find out how well they know the "Maury Show."via

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: There's Something About The Donald!

Wendy always loves when Donald Trump stops by and reveals why he is a guest who surprised her! Plus, Wendy reveals if she was ever asked to do "Celebrity Apprentice" and what she told "The Donald" during the commercial break. via

Donald Trump on Wendy Williams Show

Donald Trump dishes on Sunday's "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" finale and reveals why he's not afraid to fire fan favorites and if he plans on doing another season of "The Apprentice" with non-celebrities. Then, Donald joins Wendy for a special edition of "Ask Wendy." via

Wendy Williams Hot Topics: Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, Monique, Kanye West, & Kim Kardashian

Julianne Hough reportedly wants Ryan Seacrest back, but is he interested? Plus, Monique debuts a fabulous new look and Kim and Kanye are already fighting about life after their baby is born. Wendy Williams also gives her thoughts about Kanye West's gay rumors reported in the latest In Touch Weekly. via

Eve on Wendy Williams Show

Eve hasn't had a new album for 11 years and tells Wendy why there was such a long wait. Then, is Eve in love? Are children in her future? Plus, find out what Eve thinks about Nicki Minaj and other female rappers. via

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Bad Feet!

Wendy has another book signing in Bryant Park today, an interview with the Wall Street Journal and a business dinner in NYC later tonight. Then, Wendy's Senior Supervising Producer, Jason Gabel, stops by to talk about an upcoming segment, but the conversation quickly changes! via

Lisa Rinna, Lil Jon on Wendy Williams Show

Lisa Rinna and Lil Jon were fired by Donald Trump on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" and reveal who they think will be hired by "The Donald" this Sunday. Plus, Lisa tells Wendy who convinced her to return to "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice." Is Lil Jon going to collaborate with Trace Adkins on a song, like LL Cool J and Brad Paisley did? via

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: I Feel So Free!

The show was over for over 40 minutes before Wendy finally walked off stage. Find out what she was doing with the audience after the show. Then, Wendy's day is full of interviews. Find out who she's staying up late with tonight! via

Gabourey Sidibe on Wendy Williams Show

Gabourey Sidibe just turned 30 and tells Wendy what she's doing to celebrate! Plus, what's the most embarrassing thing that Gabby ever did when drunk? Which celebrity would she want to have a one-night stand with? Find out what Gabby reveals when Wendy puts her in the Hot Seat! via

Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier on Wendy Williams Show

"Peeples" stars Kerry Washington and David Alan Grier dish on their new movie. Then, has David ever sexted? Is plastic surgery in Kerry Washington's future? Find out what they reveal in Wendy's Hot Seat! via

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: What Should I Wear?!?!

Wendy has another "Ask Wendy" book signing tonight and then a party in the city to celebrate her book launch, but can't decide what to wear! via

Vinny Guadagnino on Wendy Williams Show

Vinny Guadagnino became a household name on "Jersey Shore" and now that the fist pumping is over, he tells Wendy what it's like hosting celebs at his house on Staten Island on his new talk show, "The Show with Vinny" on MTV. Find out who Vinny's dream guest is and if his uncle ever hooked up with Big Ang. Then, Vinny's mom Paola joins him on the couch and Wendy quizzes Paola to find out how well she knows her Italian son. via

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: A Little Something Extra!

It's a rainy day in NYC and Wendy's in her sweats, signing copies of her new Ask Wendy book. Find out why Wendy likes doing book signings and why her signings are extra special. via

Teresa Giudice on Wendy Williams Show

Teresa tells us about the status of her relationship with Melissa Gorga and gives us the scoop on the newest Housewife in New Jersey, Jennifer Dalton. Plus, is Teresa going to give Joe the son he always wanted? via

Ciara on Wendy Williams Show

Ciara tells us about her new single and new boyfriend, Future. Is Ciara taking a trip down the aisle anytime soon? Then, Ciara addresses critics of her recent music and alleged feud with Rihanna. Plus, find out if she ever wants to be a judge on a singing competition show. via

Marilu Henner on Wendy Williams Show

Marilu Henner talks about being fired by Donald Trump on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" and reveals if she really snubbed Trace Adkins and Lil Jon. Plus, how many of her co-stars has Marilu had sex with? Did she ever have sex with her friend's ex? You'll be shocked what she reveals when Wendy puts her in the Hot Seat! via

Don Cheadle on Wendy Williams Show

"Iron Man 3" star Don Cheadle dishes on his blockbuster hit movie and reveals the hardest thing about his confining wardrobe. Then, has Don ever seen Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Matt Damon naked? Find out what he revealed when Wendy put him in the Hot Seat. via

Harvey Fierstein and Billy Porter on Wendy Williams Show

"Kinky Boots" creator Harvey Fierstein and star Billy Porter tell Wendy about their new Broadway musical, that just received 13 Tony nominations. Find out how Billy prepared to play a drag queen and what it was like working with Cyndi Lauper, who wrote the music. Then, Harvey and Billy offer Wendy advice for her big Broadway debut in "Chicago." via

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: I Feel Old

Wendy tells us about the two medical procedures that she's getting in the next few days, which will change her life. Then, find out why DJ Armin Van Buuren made Wendy feel so old today! via

DJ Armin Van Buuren on Wendy Williams Show

DJ Armin van Buuren was voted the number one DJ in the world and has a weekly radio show with 25 million listeners. Find out how Armin became one of the world's most popular DJs and what it was like performing recently for the new King and Queen of Holland. via

Sheryl Crow on Wendy Williams Show

Sheryl Crow may have 9 Grammy Awards, but she's just like us. Find out why Sheryl turned down a job as a judge on "The Voice" and what celebrity makes her starstruck. via

Paris Hilton on Wendy Williams Show

Paris Hilton has a new, younger, HOT boyfriend. Is she in love? Is she ready to settle down? Does she want children? Plus, is Paris still friends with Nicole Richie and will she ever do reality TV again? via

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Shoe Game

Find out why Wendy loved the monogram necklace that we gave away on the show today, and why she thinks it's the perfect Mother's Day gift. Then, Wendy reveals celebrity secrets for walking in high heels and shows us some of her favorite flats! via

Susan Sarandon on Wendy Williams Show

Academy award-winning actress Susan Sarandon talks about her new film, "The Big Wedding." Then, where is the most outrageous place Susan ever had sex and did she ever hook up with her ex, Tim Robbins, after they broke up? Find out what Susan reveals when Wendy puts her in the Hot Seat. via

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Zenful

Wendy went to the acupuncturist yesterday and reports how she's feeling. Then, Wendy has a rehearsal for tomorrow's show, but first talks nails with one of her producers. Find out what nail trend Wendy says is going out of style! via

La Toya Jackson on Wendy Williams Show

La Toya Jackson was fired by Donald Trump on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," but she landed a new job -- her very own reality show. Find out why La Toya decided to let cameras into her personal life. Then, La Toya plays a special "Jackson" edition of Fave Five and reveals what her favorite Michael Jackson song is and what happened to Michael's famous pet chimp, Bubbles. via

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: It's Just Hair!

Wendy loves it when Andy Cohen stops by the show. Find out what he revealed in the "Hot Seat" that caught Wendy by surprise. Then, you'll be shocked when you find out who is driving Wendy home! via

Andy Cohen on Wendy Williams Show

Bravo's Andy Cohen dishes on last night's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion and reveals if Danielle Staub is returning to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" next season. Plus, has Andy ever had sex with a woman? When was the last time he had sex? Watch and find out what Andy reveals when Wendy puts him in the Hot Seat! via

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: There's Something About Denim! 4/18/13

Wendy was dressed in denim from head-to-toe. Find out what some of her favorite jean brands are and why she loved her J.Crew pumps! via

Kat Von D on Wendy Williams Show

Kat Von D is a world famous tattoo artist and tells Wendy how her parents reacted when she got her first tattoo. Kat also talks about her engagement to Deadmau5. Are they really getting married under water? Kat sets the record straight. via

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wendy Williams to Join 'Chicago' Cast on Broadway

Wendy Williams got a "surprise" from two of the cast members of 'Chicago' on Broadway. She also announced she will be joining the cast as prison warden Matron “Mama” Morton starting June 25th and stay through August 11th. via

Jay Pharoah on Wendy Williams Show

Jay Pharoah is 25-years-old and is the breakout star on "Saturday Night Live." Is he single? Does he have kids? Wendy and Jay play a game of "Celebrity." Watch what happens when Jay impersonates some of Hollywood's biggest stars. via

Friday, March 29, 2013

Brandy on Wendy Williams Show

Brandy got engaged this past Christmas and tells Wendy how her fiancé popped the question. She talks about if she plans on doing a wedding reality show and who her Maid of Honor is. She also talks about her role in Tyler Perry's new movie and the new season of 'The Game' on BET. via

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: I'm Turning Into My Mother!

The show is over and Wendy's heading across town to record the audio version of her new "Ask Wendy" book. Find out why Wendy thinks the book on tape will be even better than the actual book. Then, Wendy has a busy work schedule and is trying to balance it all. Find out why she has a "Wonder Woman" complex and how she's turning into her mother. via

Omarosa on Wendy Williams Show

Omarosa reveals why she filed a defamation lawsuit against La Toya Jackson and shares her strategy for playing "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice." Then, Omarosa opens up about the death of her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan. via

Lets not forget her first appearance on the show!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show 3/19/13: "I Like to Work!"

Wendy didn't get home last night until after dinner and is rushing back to Jersey after today's show, but first she has a meet-and-greet with one of the "Live Like a Star" sweepstakes winners backstage. Then, find out what Wendy's staffers think about taping shows through the end of July this season. via

Tatyana Ali on Wendy Williams Show

Tatyana Ali recently celebrated her birthday and Drake came to her party. Have they ever hooked up? Tatyana recently admitted in an interview that she likes one night stands, but says she didn't really mean it. Find out what it was like behind the scenes when the first Aunt Viv on "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" got fired. via

Keshia Knight Pulliam on Wendy Williams Show

Keshia Knight Pulliam played Rudy Huxtable on "The Cosby Show" and now is diving into the new ABC reality show, "Splash." Keshia talks about why she decided to sign up for the celebrity diving competition show and what she has to say about the unflattering pictures of her that hit the blogosphere last week. via

LaToya Jackson on Wendy Williams Show

La Toya Jackson talks about her fight with Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice and being fired by Donald Trump. Find out what La Toya thinks about Omarosa and what her biggest regret is about her time on the show. via

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: "I'm NOT Adopted!"

Wendy's mom and dad were in the audience for the first time this season and she's rushing out the door after the show to take them to lunch. Before they can eat, Wendy's taking her dad to pick up his birthday gift. Find out what she's buying her 83-year-old father! via

The Saturdays on Wendy Williams Show

UK girl pop group, The Saturdays, stopped by the Wendy Williams Show and performed their hit song, What About Us, and dished on their E! reality show, "Chasing the Saturdays." via

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show 2/27/13

It was the last day before vacation and Wendy is rushing out the door. Find out what she has to do before leaving on her family vacation. via

Donald Trump on Wendy Williams Show

Donald Trump stopped by the Wendy Williams Show and gave his opinion on Michelle Obama's appearance at the Oscars and her new bangs. He also addressed the rumored lawsuits involving him suing President Obama and Bill Maher. via

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show 2/26/13

Wendy's going on vacation with her Kevins in a few days and shows off her new pool wig and tells us what she wears when lounging at the beach. Then, check out the gift that a studio audience member gave Wendy after the show today. via

Joan and Melissa Rivers on Wendy Williams Show

Joan and Melissa Rivers stop by the Wendy Williams Show to talk about the new season of their WE tv reality show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? Joan is still searching for love. Does she find it with a woman? Melissa also talks about what it was like having her ex-husband on the show this season. via

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clive Davis on Wendy Williams Show

Music icon Clive Davis sits down for a revealing interview with Wendy Williams and talks about his new memoir, "The Soundtrack of My Life." Clive addresses the criticism he received for hosting his annual Grammy party just hours after Whitney Houston died in the Beverly Hilton. Clive discusses his sexuality and reveals what he thinks about music artists coming out. He also talks about Kelly Clarkson's response to the things he said about her in his new book and how he stays ahead of music trends after so many years in the industry. via

Friday, February 15, 2013

Patti Stanger on Wendy Williams Show

Patti Stanger talks about the new season of "Millionaire Matchmaker" and her new boyfriend that she found by online dating. Plus, find out Patti's relationship advice to Jenny McCarthy and why she's worried about Chris Brown and Rihanna being back together. via

Jenny McCarthy on Wendy Williams Show

Jenny McCarthy tells Wendy about her new VH1 talk show, "The Jenny McCarthy Show" and reveals why she decided to leave Los Angeles and move home to Chicago. Jenny is single and looking for love and agreed to play Wendy's dating game. via

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

After Show: Wendy Williams Announces Her Wig Line Coming in June

Today on the Wendy Williams Show After Show Wendy showed off her new wig that she calls "Joy Behar" and announced that she's coming out with a wig line and other hair accessories that will be out in June! via

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wendy Williams Show After Show: Audience Eye Candy 12/28/13

Wendy didn't love her outfit today and had Memsor bring in her dress when she got back to her office. Then, find out why Wendy had her stylist speak with an audience member during the commercial break and what Wendy thinks about Big Ang's lunchtime procedure! via

Angela "Big Ang" Raiola on The Wendy Williams Show

Big Ang stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to dish on the new season of "Mob Wives" and was showing off her new arms she had done with smart liposuction. Big Ang announced that she'll be appearing on Broadway in "My Big Gay Italian Wedding" as a chef. She also played a game with the audience to see how well they know her. via

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After Show: Nip/Tuck 01/23/12

Wendy was removing her eye lashes and wiping off her makeup when we found her after the show. Find out why Wendy doesn't plan on getting any plastic surgery done on her face as she ages, and if she ever got a nose job. Plus, Wendy reveals her favorite body part and why she decided to pull her old blond wig out from the bottom of her wig drawer.via

Wendy Williams Defends Beyonce's Lip-Sycing at Obama's Inauguration

Wendy defends Beyoncé in the wake of the lip-synching controversy surrounding her performance of "The National Anthem" at President Obama's inauguration.via